The fundamental questions left unanswered: response to commentary on the 'problems with delay discounting'

Allen J Bailey, Ricardo J Romeu, Peter R Finn
We appreciate the opportunity to continue a dialogue on these important issues. We will briefly address some specific points of Stein, MacKillop, McClure, and Bickel (2022) , but will open with a few general comments. First, we recognize the seminal contributions of the authors of the commentary (Stein et al., 2022) to the understanding of intemporal choice (ITC; Dai and Busemeyer, 2014) and psychopathology. We also see great value in the research that aims to understand ITC and how such
more » ... es relate to clinical phenomena. Indeed, our group has published a number of articles utilizing essentially the same measure of discounting that we now critique as having significant limitations (
doi:10.1017/s0033291721005572 pmid:35118936 fatcat:yptatzjvwjhfhfcjjkplyu2nzq