Investigating the Effect of Wide Surcharge and Inclination Angle of Nails in Excavation (A Case Study: Central District of Isfahan City)

Rassoul Ajalloeian, S Hashemi
2013 Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques   unpublished
Maintenance of excavation, especially in urban areas, is essential and crucial in order to avoid risks resulted from the excavation on the adjacent buildings. So, this study tries firstly to investigate various methods used to maintain and stabilize the excavations, then deals with the factors affecting the stability of excavations trussed by nailing system. Applying the existed numerical methods, the study performs a modelling of excavation behaviours in the central district of Isfahan city,
more » ... of Isfahan city, and then a comprehensive analysis of such structures' performance. Thus, the factors influencing the excavation are studied, gathering the data related to geo-technique studies on the central district of Isfahan city. The various factors such as inclination angle of nails, wide surcharge over the excavation are studied more exactly by performing the reliability coefficient analysis on extended models of excavations.