Look before you speak: Children's integration of visual information into informative referring expressions

Catherine Davies, Helene Kreysa
Children's ability to refer is underpinned by their developing cognitive skills. Using a production task (n=57), we examined pre-articulatory visual fixations to contrast objects (e.g. to a large apple when the target was a small one) to investigate how visual scanning drives informativeness across development. Eye movements reveal that although four-year-olds fixate contrast objects to a similar extent as seven-year-olds and adults, this does not result in explicit referential informativeness.
more » ... Instead, four-year-olds frequently omit distinguishing information from their referring expressions regardless of the comprehensiveness of their visual scan. In contrast, older children make greater use of information gleaned from their visual inspections, like adults. Thus, we find a barrier not to the INCIDENCE of contrast fixations by younger children, but to their USE of them in referential informativeness. We recommend that follow-up work investigates whether younger children's immature executive skills prevent them from describing referents in relation to contrast objects.
doi:10.17605/osf.io/hy42g fatcat:qxrza2zscnetzbd3or4aualqwa