2020 unpublished
This study attempts to identify the most common research methodology at university and postgraduate levels, which meets the research needs related to the scientific level addressed in the fields of Military Sciences, Intelligence, Security and Defense. In the military sciences domain, the most common research techniques are both quantitative, and qualitative, which should be correlated with the research tools according to the hypothesis, the objectives and the thesis, as set by the researcher.
more » ... by the researcher. This study aims to analyze the possibility of using the following specific terms in the field of scientific research, that are related to the levels of approach, fragmentation, and synthesis of the research: types of research; research methods; research techniques; research procedures; research tools; research method; research directions; thesis; hypothesis and objectives Therefore, the novelty of the output of this pilot study is to create a procedural framework regarding the application of the best, most appropriate methods, adaptable research needs specific to works in the field chosen by bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral students. The practical application of the results of this study will be implemented by our course members, bachelor degree, master's degree and doctoral students, as long as the above mentioned methods will represent research benchmarks structured on the objectives and directions of research particular to the principles of military art.
doi:10.24818/imc/2020/05.04 fatcat:7t6rjsobbjcltfl6gqk73hi7g4