Applicability of the pseudo-steady state assumption to the irreversible Michaelis-Menten reaction

1988 Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan  
The applicability of the pseudo-steady state assumption to an enzyme-substrate complexwas examinedfor an irreversible single-substrate reaction which obeys the Michaelis-Menten mechanismby using computer simulation. The pseudo-steady state solutions of the time courses of the substrate and product were comparedwith the exact solutions calculated by using a complete set of rate equations under various conditions. Themaximum relative errors of the pseudo-steady state solutions to the exact
more » ... to the exact solutions could be correlated well only in terms of a dimensionless parameter, which the authors designate \]/M and define by the ratio of the pseudo-steady state solution of the intermediate complex at t = 0 to the initial substrate concentration. The simulations showed that if^M^0.05, the pseudo-steady state solutions are accurate within a tolerable error of 5 %and therefore the pseudo-state assumption holds.
doi:10.1252/jcej.21.267 fatcat:75rshtcuq5fjlao2476eqgutn4