Diamond Schottky diodes operating at 473 K

Richard Monflier, Karine Isoird, Alain Cazarre, Josiane Tasselli, Alexandra Servel, Jocelyn Achard, David Eon, Maria José Valdivia Birnbaum
2017 EPE Journal  
Richard MONFLIER was born at Toulouse (France) in 1991. He received an M.Sc degree in Embedded Electronic Systems and Telecommunications from University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse in 2015. He has integrated ISGE team (Integration of Systems for Energy Management) within LAAS-CNRS lab for his last internship. His activities focused on characterization and simulation of diamond Schottky diodes. Now, he is Ph.D student in MPN team (Materials and Processes for Nanoelectronics) always at LAAS-CNRS,
more » ... studied the defects generated by annealing laser on silicon. monflier@laas.fr / +33561336388 Karine ISOIRD was born at Sète (France) in 1973. Her PH.D. degree received in 2001, focused on the characterisation of high temperature and high voltage SiC power device. Since 2003, she is assistant professor at University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse and she has integrated ISGE team (Integration of Systems for Energy Management) within LAAS lab. Her activities research focus on the simulation, design and electrical characterisations of high voltage and high temperature power devices both in silicon, or wide band gap material. Indeed in recent years, she has been involved in several projects for the design and realisation of devices dedicated to high voltage and high temperature applications, such as Thyristor, GaN HEMT or diamond Schottky diodes. She is co-authors of 27 publications in scientific journals and 20 in international conferences. Member expert to OMNT (Observatory for Micro and Nano Technology), on the topic Wide band gap Materials. kisoird@laas.fr / +33561336495 Alain CAZARRE, Professor and director of a Doctoral School in electrical engineering, obtained the PhD degrees in 1984 on "Study and realization of GaAlAs / GaAs heterojunction phototransistors for integrated light amplifier" at University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse and LAAS Lab and the «accreditation to supervise research" (HDR in French) in 1997. His research was focused on the power RF HBTs, related to physical and thermic modelization and characterization of GaInP/GaAs power devices in the 0.9-10 GHz band. He also worked on the characterization of commercial Silicon MOS and Bipolar integrated circuits after ultrathinning.now on emergent Diamond devices, Shottky diodes and MOS devices. cazarre@laas.fr / +33561336435 Josiane TASSELLI received her PhD degrees in electrical engineering in 1986 from the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. At LAAS-CNRS since 1988, her research concerned the fabrication of GaAlAs/GaAs and GaInP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors for power applications, the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices for chemical Diamond Schottky diodes operating at 473 K In this paper, we present current-voltage characteristics of vertical and pseudovertical Diamond Schottky diodes operating up to 473 K. The functionality rate is greater than 75 % for each samples. For vertical diodes, current density at 473 K reaches 488 A/cm², while it is greater than 1000 A/cm² for pseudo-vertical diodes. Under reverse bias, the leakage current is less than 10 -7 A/cm² at 50 V for all functional diodes. However, the high barrier height and high non-ideality factor observed are probably caused by high charges at the Diamond/Schottky contact interface. This article emphasizes the high reproducibility of the characteristics and the functionality rate at 473 K.
doi:10.1080/09398368.2017.1388625 fatcat:jx7xsv6ngnhrlmi7mq3bm4qcuy