Achromatic super-oscillatory lenses with sub-wavelength focusing

Guang Hui Yuan, Edward TF Rogers, Nikolay I Zheludev
2017 Light: Science & Applications  
Lenses are crucial to light-enabled technologies. Conventional lenses have been perfected to achieve near-diffraction-limited resolution and minimal chromatic aberrations. However, such lenses are bulky and cannot focus light into a hotspot smaller than a half-wavelength of light. Pupil filters, initially suggested by Toraldo di Francia, can overcome the resolution constraints of conventional lenses but are not intrinsically chromatically corrected. Here we report single-element planar lenses
more » ... at not only deliver sub-wavelength focusing, thus beating the diffraction limit of conventional refractive lenses, but also focus light of different colors into the same hotspot. Using the principle of super-oscillations, we designed and fabricated a range of binary dielectric and metallic lenses for visible and infrared parts of the spectrum that are manufactured on silicon wafers, silica substrates and optical fiber tips. Such low-cost, compact lenses could be useful in mobile devices, data storage, surveillance, robotics, space applications, imaging, manufacturing with light and spatially resolved nonlinear microscopies.
doi:10.1038/lsa.2017.36 pmid:30167290 fatcat:srusunyyjvhsbo4cknwpepet3q