Lack of Tocilizumab effect on mortality in COVID19 patients [post]

Gregory E Holt, Mayank Batra, Mukunthan Murthi, Shweta Kambali, Kayo Santos, Maria Virginia Perez Bastidas, Huda Asif, Sara Haddadi, Sixto Arias, Mehdi Mirsaeidi
2020 unpublished
Off-label tocilizumab use in COVID-19 patients reflects concern for cytokine release syndrome. Comparison of matched COVID-19 pneumonia patients found elevated IL-6 levels correlated with mortality that did not change with tocilizumab administration. Correlating mortality with increased IL-6 doesn't imply causality however lack of improvement by tocilizumab requires clinical trial alterations.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:dklxtsesvnfstmjbovs25juvue