Study on Surface Modification of Ti Substrate to Improve the Dispersion of Catalytic Metals on Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
탄소나노튜브 합성 시 촉매 금속의 분산도 향상을 위한 Ti Substrate의 표면 개질 연구

Seoung Yeol Kwak, Ho Gyu Kim, Jong Min Byun, Ju Hyuk Park, Myung-Jin Suk, Sung-Tag Oh, Young Do Kim
2014 Journal of Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute  
This paper describes the surface modification effect of a Ti substrate for improved dispersibility of the catalytic metal. Etching of a pure titanium substrate was conducted in 50% H 2 SO 4 , 50 o C for 1 h-12 h to observe the surface roughness as a function of the etching time. At 1 h, the grain boundaries were obvious and the crystal grains were distinguishable. The grain surface showed micro-porosities owing to the formation of micro-pits less than 1 µm in diameter. The depths of the grain
more » ... undary and micro-pits appear to increase with etching time. After synthesizing the catalytic metal and growing the carbon nano tube (CNT) on Ti substrate with varying surface roughness, the distribution trends of the catalytic metal and grown CNT on Ti substrate are discussed from a micro-structural perspective.
doi:10.4150/kpmi.2014.21.1.28 fatcat:ttli2mu4xbaldg24rgtpv6nhaa