Bioweapons - A Review

Karan Singh Negi, Ms Shivani
2019 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Bioterrorism is the aforethought manoeuvring of bioweapons during wars. Many genetically engineered microbes, Bacillusanthracis, Clostridiumtetani, Yersiniapestis are being used in the terms of aerosol sprays, explosive materials and through contamination of natural resources of food, water and land to inflict bio war. Their implementations during war strengthen over the use of conventional weapons due to their ability of fabricating more diseases or to contaminate much of the population and
more » ... ses adverse effect on their survival. Noble and accessible technologies make them to proliferate which have implications for regional and global security. To make them disinfected or to be protected from them, there is a need of leadership, and many preventive and protective strategies have been enacted through international consultation and cooperation. The exploitation of these genetically engineered microorganisms leads to the enhancement of pollutants in the environment and natural sources of land, air and water. Most of the pollutants among them are Bacteria, pollens, particulate matter, toxic gases, etc. So, some biosafety measures should be taken into consideration to safeguard the people from the harmful effects of these weapons.
doi:10.21275/art20202207 fatcat:hzvt6bg3mzbd7ggimtzjx2ks5a