Evolution & Effectiveness of Strategic Marketing Process-Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Mrs Pathak, Mrs Mishra
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) has emerged as a promising area of study in the past decade. This paper throws light on the strategy of marketing process where brand identity and integrated marketing communications are the key components. In this paper strategy of brand equity reflects the role of Integrated Marketing Communication to develop and maintaining brand equity, also the role of brand identity helps to inform, help and guides to implement and nurture the overall firm's IMC
more » ... rategy. A conceptual framework was developed towards IMC theory development that was tested research prepositions. Finally, a discussion of implications for academics and practitioners is provided, and opportunities for future qualitative and quantitative research are suggested. The concept of IMC as practiced by many firms gives an insight in understanding the future of IMC in developing nations like India. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) has emerged as a promising area of study in the past decade. However, this area has received disproportionate attention for research not only in India but around the world. Many aspects have determined the effectiveness of different components and total IMC on different brands in India. Changes in the business environment, along with technological innovation, increasing consumer sophistication and changes in marketing communications practices, have led organizations to seek to improve relationships with their consumers.. Although Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an emerging field with a seemingly underdeveloped theoretical base, it appears to be an unavoidable trend which will continue into the future. Results suggest that all the individual components of IMC have significant positive effects on the sales of different brands. Thus, research findings help the firms in allocating their budget through different components of IMC that results in greater sales and higher return on their investments.