Human Brain Mapping with Multi-Thousand Channel PtNRGrids Resolves Novel Spatiotemporal Dynamics [article]

Youngbin Tchoe, Andrew M. Bourhis, Daniel R. Cleary, Brittany Stedelin, Jihwan Lee, Karen J. Tonsfeldt, Erik C. Brown, Dominic Siler, Angelique C. Paulk, Jimmy C. Yang, Hongseok Oh, Yun Goo Ro (+8 others)
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Electrophysiological devices are critical for mapping eloquent and diseased brain regions and for therapeutic neuromodulation in clinical settings and are extensively utilized for research in brain-machine interfaces. However, the existing devices are often limited in either spatial resolution or cortical coverage, even including those with thousands of channels used in animal experiments. Here, we developed scalable manufacturing processes and dense connectorization to achieve reconfigurable
more » ... in-film, multi-thousand channel neurophysiological recording grids using platinum-nanorods (PtNRGrids). With PtNRGrids, we have achieved a multi-thousand channel array of small (30 μm) contacts with low impedance, providing unparalleled spatial and temporal resolution over a large cortical area. We demonstrate that PtNRGrids can resolve sub-millimeter functional organization of the barrel cortex in anesthetized rats that captured the histochemically-demonstrated structure. In the clinical setting, PtNRGrids resolved fine, complex temporal dynamics from the cortical surface in an awake human patient performing grasping tasks. Additionally, the PtNRGrids identified the spatial spread and dynamics of epileptic discharges in a patient undergoing epilepsy surgery at 1 mm spatial resolution, including activity induced by direct electrical stimulation. Collectively, these findings demonstrate the power of the PtNRGrids to transform clinical mapping and research with brain-machine interfaces and highlights a path toward novel therapeutics.
arXiv:2103.09206v3 fatcat:o5umjsmfcbf3lbtyfxxqlwqn6u