Troubled Students Handling Through Scientific-Based Law Approach Strategy

Milwan Milwan
2017 IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSRJRME)  
This study was motivated by the variety of student behavior enjoyed by teachers every day even in the classroom even while the learning process. Still the number of male students, in and out of the classroom, and ultimately manifested in the learning process is not effective even for a fight, the discovery of the students who take the stuff that is not right, suck Glue Fox, persecute so this behavior is classified into students problematic. The purpose of this study was to determine: (1)
more » ... cientific based law approach in troubled students handling at SMPN 17 Kendari; (2) The application of the model-approach based on the positive changes in attitudes and behavior in everyday life. Research Best Practice results are (1) Handling of troubled students through a strategic approach based on scientific studies of all subjects can improve school attendance. Increased student attendance has reached a percentage of 96.87%. Previously while still in grade VIII Semester 2 percentage attendance only reached 64%. (2) Proved that before the application of handling troubled students through a strategic approach based on science and technology. If somebody does something to harm the order, recapitulation violations of discipline students, after the adoption of handling troubled students through a strategic approach to the law based on scientifically proven that there is a diligently arrive at school on time so That it can follow a morning assembly, all already dressed in uniforms that is set by the school, it is rare students who are late to class, so maintaining the cleanliness of the school environment so it does not appear again there Are students who throw garbage anywhere, assignments or homework given by teachers of subjects already done at home and working in groups. Handling troubled students through a strategic approach based law Scientific is a real effort made by SMP Negeri 17 Kendari can create a learning environment that is creative, innovative and fun so that student learning outcomes can be improved.
doi:10.9790/7388-0703048390 fatcat:iccw7nvarfg7dnrxd4qypjdgxq