Dissipation in helical turbulence

P. D. Ditlevsen, P. Giuliani
2001 Physics of Fluids  
In helical turbulence a linear cascade of helicity accompanying the energy cascade has been suggested. Since energy and helicity have different dimensionality we suggest the existence of a characteristic inner scale, $\xi=k_H^{-1}$, for helicity dissipation in a regime of hydrodynamic fully developed turbulence and estimate it on dimensional grounds. This scale is always larger than the Kolmogorov scale, $\eta=k_E^{-1}$, and their ratio $\eta / \xi $ vanishes in the high Reynolds number limit,
more » ... olds number limit, so the flow will always be helicity free in the small scales.
doi:10.1063/1.1404138 fatcat:g2hj4ag7zfg6rhqkfexxstd77m