A evolução recente da geografia cultural de língua francesa

Paul Claval
2003 Geosul  
The recent evolution of cultural geography in French language. There is in France a tradition of cultural geography dating from the beginning of the twenty century, based on material aspects of the culture, according to a naturalist point of view. In the 60s' and 70s', the standardization of techniques withdraws the essential character of the cultural geography. After 1980, a cultural geography renovation can be seen, partially due to a new curiosity for the landscape. Besides the geo-system
more » ... s the geo-system notion, the landscape also passes to be considered by its cultural dimension, i.e., as one of the contexts under which the culture is transmitted from person to person, and from generation to generation. An approximation between the present currents is in fact required. While the English language cultural geography insists in the ephemeral character of cultural constructions, the French equivalent tends to a more synthetic approach.
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