Treatment of Common Calcaneal Tendon Rupture Using a Central Gastrocnemius Turnover Aponeurotic Flap Technique in a Dog

Sergio Minei, Filippo Cinti, Brunella Pompei, Paolo Abrescia
2020 VCOT Open  
AbstractA 9-year-old, intact male, German wirehaired pointer was referred for suspected Achilles tendon rupture 3 weeks after an injury. A three-loop pulley suture pattern combined with a locking loop suture reduced the gap between the tendon ends to 7 mm and a central gastrocnemius turnover aponeurotic flap was used to cover the remaining gap. A type II free-form methyl methacrylate transarticular external skeletal fixator was used to keep the tarsocrural joint in extension until 45 days
more » ... eratively. Short- and long-term clinical and ultrasonographic evaluations showed gradual improvement in weight-bearing and progressive tendon healing. At 6 months after surgery, the dog had normal limb function and had returned to the previous activity level. To the authors' knowledge, this tendon repair technique has been described in humans and in one cat but has not yet been reported in dogs.
doi:10.1055/s-0040-1715135 fatcat:q4e4p35475gljj536kr6oixld4