Voice Pathologies Classification Using GMM And SVM Classifiers

Amara Fethi, Fezari Mohamed
2021 International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation  
In this paper we investigate the proprieties of automatic speaker recognition (ASR) to develop a system for voice pathologies detection, where the model does not correspond to a speaker but it corresponds to group of patients who shares the same diagnostic. One of essential part in this topic is the database (described later), the samples voices (healthy and pathological) are chosen from a German database which contains many diseases, spasmodic dysphonia is proposed for this study. This
more » ... tic can be solved by statistical pattern recognition techniques where we have proposed the mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) to be modeled first, with gaussian mixture model (GMM) massively used in ASR then, they are modeled with support vector machine (SVM). The obtained results are compared in order to evaluate the more preferment classifier. The performance of each method is evaluated in a term of the accuracy, sensitivity, specificity. The best performance is obtained with 12 coefficientsMFCC, energy and second derivate along SVM with a polynomial kernel function, the classification rate is 90% for normal class and 93% for pathological class.This work is developed under MATLAB
doi:10.46300/9102.2021.15.21 fatcat:cs6kdbx3yrebzdn3wu3be7epju