Fast Algorithm for Disparity Estimation in ATSC-M/H based Hybrid 3DTV
ATSC-M/H 기반의 융합형 3DTV를 위한 양안시차 고속 추정 알고리즘

Dong-Hee Lee, Sung-Hoon Kim, Jooyoung Lee, Dongwook Kang, Kyeong-Hoon Jung
2014 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
ATSC-M/H based hybrid 3DTV, which is one of the service compatible 3DTV system, has considerable quality gap between the left and right views. And CRA(Conditional Replenishment Algorithm) has been proposed to deal with the issue of resolution mismatch and improve the visual quality. In CRA, the disparity vectors of stereoscopic images are estimated. The disparity compensated left view and simply enlarged right view are compared and conditionally selected for generating the enhanced right view.
more » ... n order to implement CRA, a fast algorithm is strongly required because the disparity vectors need to be obtained at every layer and the complexity of CRA is quite high. In this paper, we adopted SDSP(Small Diamond Search Pattern) instead of full search and predicted the initial position of search pattern by examining the spatio-temporal correlation of disparity vectors and also suggested the SKIP mode to limit the number of processing units. The computer simulation showed that the proposed fast algorithm could greatly reduce the processing time while minimizing the quality degradation of reconstructed right view.
doi:10.5909/jbe.2014.19.4.521 fatcat:2opxem2dwvfw3cb42xdaugdtxe