Effects of Transplanting and Runner Releasing Times of Mother Plants for the Control of Daughter Plant Production Time in Cutting Strawberries

Mi Young Lim, Ho Jeong Jeong, Gyeong Lee Choi, So Hui Kim, Su Hyun Choi
2020 Protected horticulture and Plant Factory  
This study was carried out to evaluate the yield of cuttings according to the planting and runner releasing times of mother plants in order to raise the cutting seedlings of raising seedling period 75 days or more needed for forcing culture of strawberries to be transplanted into the field around the 15 th of September. Three domestic cultivars of 'Maehyang', 'Jukhyang', and 'Kuemsil' were tested. For experiment 1 to determine the yield of cuttings with the change of transplanting time, the
more » ... er plant were planted on February 28, March 20, and April 9 in 20 days intervals, and the cuttings were collected two to three times from June 4 to July 1. Experiment 2 was conducted to investigate the yield of cuttings depending on the runner releasing time, the runners were released in three intervals of 20 days, 40 days, and 60 days after planting the mother plant on March 5, and the cutting were collected once to three times from May 29 to June 26. From the comparisons of cutting yield according to the transplanting time of mother plants, February 28 treatment was more 9~25% and 114~165% for each cultivar than March 20 and April 9, respectively (Experiment 1). The yield of cuttings with releasing time 20 days after planting the mother plants had higher by 60∼77% and 104∼176% for each cultivar than 40 days and 60 days, respectively (Experiment 2). From these results, in case of propagating the seedlings from cuttings needed for field planting around September 15, early planting around in the latter part of February is the best for cuttings yield. In addition, releasing after the removal of the runners produced from mother plants by 20 days after planting gives an advantage over higher yield of cuttings. Consequently, this study suggest to apply an efficient raising seedling system for labor saving and quality improvement in raising seedlings of three strawberry cultivars in Korea.
doi:10.12791/ksbec.2020.29.4.337 fatcat:bfb5owanwncyxpdolmk5ommmhe