Pedro Almodóvar "La piel que habito"

Elisabeth Resch
2014 unpublished
The purpose of this diploma thesis is to investigate the signs of power and the absence of power in the cinematic work The skin i live in (original title: La piel que habito, 2011) by Pedro Almodóvar. The exceptionally talented spanish director from Madrid knows how to surprise the audience. Just like in his former movies this melodramatic thriller shows the extraordinary art of Almodóvar. The structure oft this thesis consists of two parts. The first part, the theoretic part, presents an
more » ... uction to fundamental terms like the communication medium film, semiotics, narrativic, film analysis in general and different definitions in terms of power. The main research question is, how signs of power, respectively the absence of power are represented in the film La piel que habito. The method for this research is an semantic analysis. The second part, the practical part of the thesis, shows this semantic analysis in detail.
doi:10.25365/thesis.32318 fatcat:tbnpigysqbgvxm2ktnxv3xow7a