Optimization of Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Network Using Genetic Algorithm for Arrhythmia Classification

V. S. R. Kumari
2015 Communications  
An Electrocardiogram (ECG) graphically records changes in electrical potentials between different sites on the skin due to cardiac activity. The heart's electrical activity is a depolarization and depolarization sequence. ECGs help in identifying cardiac arrhythmia because they have diagnostic information. ECG arrhythmia detection accuracy improves by using machine learning and data mining methods. This study proposes multi-layer perceptron neural network optimization using Genetic Algorithm
more » ... ) to classify ECG arrhythmia. Symlet extracts RR intervals from ECG data as features while symmetric uncertainty assures feature reduction. GA optimizes learning rate and momentum.
doi:10.11648/j.com.20150305.21 fatcat:oxwvx6ehnzdyfk7jzqid73q55a