An Extensible Java Applet for Spatial Linkage Synthesis

Haijun Su, Curtis Collins, J. Michael McCarthy
2002 Volume 5: 27th Biennial Mechanisms and Robotics Conference   unpublished
A spatial linkage is defined by a workpiece supported by several serial chains. The task of the linkage is defined by specifying rigid positions for the workpiece that approximate a desired workspace. Spatial serial chains can be synthesized and combined to form more complicated linkages. Because there are many serial chains available for this design process, we have developed a Java-based architecture for a computer-aided-design system for spatial linkages that is organized to allow
more » ... to allow incorporation of individually defined serial chain classes prepared by users/collaborators. Using the RR and TS chains as an example, we present the general features common to dimensional synthesis methodologies, and identify the types of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation routines that are required for displaying, animating, and designing spatial linkages formed from serial chain primitives. We present the basic components of the design system as well as specifications for the serial chain analysis and synthesis classes. An example is provided to demonstrate how the system can be used to perform three position synthesis of spatial RR, TS, and RRTS linkages.
doi:10.1115/detc2002/mech-34371 fatcat:gd7cedamsffztcro3b7fnpkla4