Analysis of Fuzzy Data for the Selection of Ingredients of the Polymer Composition by Technical Functions in Quality Management

Ilya Vasilyevich Germashev, Tatyana Petrovna Mashihina, Evgeniya Vyacheslavovna Derbisher, Vyacheslav Evgenyevich Derbisher, Mikhail Alexeevich Kharitonov
2019 Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems  
The task of fuzzy mathematical modeling of the composition of a polymer composition is singled out and formulated, as one of the types of chemical-technological systems for creating the theoretical foundations for managing the physicochemical properties of the material produced from this composition. Fuzzy data on the technical functions and concentration of individual ingredients that included in the composition in the form of fuzzy numbers are used as the initial formalized information at
more » ... information at modeling the polymer composition. As a result, a parametric space is formed that describes the multicomponent system under study. The index of compliance of each parameter of the polymer composition with the requirements for the physicochemical properties and quality of the polymer material is calculated. This allows you to go to the relative dimensionless real values. Weighted voting procedure is used as an aggregate function. The obtained numerical value reflects the integral measure of the compliance of the chemical-technological system with the requirements for the polymer composition. An example of the choice of ingredients of the polymer composition by calculating using fuzzy numbers is presented. In addition to the formulation of the problem, the study develops the mathematical software for the intellectual system supporting the research and production activities of the chemical technologist to substantiate the decision to choose a polymer composition.
doi:10.25046/aj040313 fatcat:qcdntxveorcxnmhreenul5aega