Measurements of Strongly AnisotropicgFactors for Spins in Single Quantum States

J. R. Petta, D. C. Ralph
2002 Physical Review Letters  
We have measured the full angular dependence, as a function of the direction of magnetic field, for the Zeeman splitting of individual energy states in copper nanoparticles. The g-factors for spin splitting are highly anisotropic, with angular variations as large as a factor of five. The angular dependence fits well to ellipsoids. Both the principal-axis directions and g-factor magnitudes vary between different energy levels within one nanoparticle. The variations agree quantitatively with
more » ... m-matrix theory predictions which incorporate spin-orbit coupling.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.89.156802 pmid:12366011 fatcat:5felgq7yjve75kdq37da7ec37y