2017 Scientific Bulletin of Naval Academy  
First, the importance of Maritime English in the context of globalization leading to a growing number of multicultural crews on board ships will be discussed. Then, the need for a common communication language on board ship stipulated by several IMO conventions as a result of various maritime incidents caused by communication breakdowns or misinterpretations will be also approached. Afterwards, SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases), which has become mandatory for all seafarers, will be
more » ... ntioned as well as the task of MET (Maritime Education and Training) institutions which is to thoroughly teach the marine standard vocabulary through properly designed courses. Eventually, the paper proposes to present the second year deck on line course: topic of each unit, structure per unit, knowledge and final unit tests. The course evaluation, which was both quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (the learners' free comments), will be presented in graph form accompanied by commentaries.
doi:10.21279/1454-864x-17-i2-019 fatcat:p43hzg6lwvdmhk5cgvyurpiyaa