Review on Analysis of Breast Tumor with Methods of Treatment

Nagham Mahmood Aljamali
2022 Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science  
Breast malignance is the greatest public in ladies, with a high incidence in North America and Eastern Europe, medium in Southern Europe and the Middle East and low in the Far East. Breast malignance is the second most common malignance in the world after lung malignance, and since it happens a lot, the doctors asked the women to examine themselves by themselves, in order to discover the signs of the disease early before it spreads. It is possible that this disease can be treated after being
more » ... gnosed by a specialized doctor and determining the type of tumor in the breast, and the surgeon removes the breast completely and starts chemotherapy about 6 doses, then radiotherapy, how many sessions will be determined by the doctor, and then hormonal therapy, a medicine called Tamoxafin or any medicine determined by the doctor, and it is possible. This disease will not come back again if the eyes follow the instructions and do not tire themselves a lot, and remain calm, because malignance is one of the causes of its increased nervous appearance and you try to stop stimulants such as tea, coffee and chocolate because they increase the chance of injury. Also, stop cigarettes, even if drinks have a percentage A small amount of alcohol in response increases the chance of infection, and also exercise, if we practice it regularly, will benefit greatly and reduce the chances of contracting the disease.
doi:10.38125/oajbs.000400 fatcat:7yhie45ajvag7alivqslkylofm