Radovan Savov, Jana Kozáková, Jan Tlučhoř
2022 E & M Ekonomie a Management  
The success of talent management is based on keeping talented individuals in a company. Attractive work, suitable working environment, strong organizational culture, work flexibility, effective leadership, as well as financial or non-financial benefits are factors that a company can significantly influence in order to retain talent for future tasks. On the other hand, companies should avoid mistakes that complicate retention of talent, for example, extreme workload, conflicts with executives,
more » ... ck of opportunities for self-development, as well as inadequate financial remuneration. The goal of presented study is to explore differences in talent retention in various types of companies according to several factors. Realized questionnaire study obtained data from 381 companies represented by managers. Data were analyzed quantitatively by ANOVA and results were completed and described by Focus groups qualitative research. The research model was set according to outcomes of previous researches with following most important factors: financial requirements, motivation system, communication and self-development. Also, the challenges from outside and specific procedures provided inside the company to retain talents were added. Obtained outcomes shows interesting differences between companies in successful retention of talents which can be found: in private companies, in companies with foreign capital, in companies with a HR unit, and companies with a better financial situation. Surprising findings were seen in the comparison of companies by size. Despite the better chances of retaining talents in larger companies, the talent retention process is more successful in small ones. Our study helps to understand the current situation in talent retention in different types of Slovak companies and find ways to improvement. Outcomes are significant for managers, researchers and education of future entrepreneurs. However, despite good knowledge of practical implementation of talent retention in Slovak companies there are still limited financial resources and regulations which impede the application of the results obtained.
doi:10.15240/tul/001/2022-1-005 fatcat:r4veivmwx5csriusdnicnzkw4m