Finding the links within the yeast proteome

Reiner Veitia
2002 Genome Biology  
A generic method for purifying protein complexes coupled with mass spectroscopic identification has enabled part of the network of interactions within the yeast proteome to be unraveled Significance and context The identification and analysis of components of multiprotein complexes is a straightforward way to understand how the cellular proteome is organized. It may also help to assign functions to gene products that remain to be annotated. Several large-scale approaches have been taken towards
more » ... unraveling the functional relationships between cellular components. These include monitoring mRNA expression (chips and serial analysis of gene expression), loss-of-function approaches, extensive two-hybrid screens, protein chips, and in silico methods, such as the 'Rosetta stone' approach.
doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-3-reports0014 fatcat:2lznx4awzfamxcjqfcudtr6wgy