The Technique Of Letter Novel And Two Samples From Turkish Literature: Mektup Aşkları And Kedi Mektupları

2012 Turkish Studies  
Although the letter type has fallen from grace since it has lost its importance against the new communication options appeared as a result of technological developments, it is seen that this type has formed a remarkable experience in literature tradition. The communication theorists indicate that, in a broad meaning, not only the written texts are letters, a product which has the aim of communication is a letter indeed. Accordingly, whether it is primitive or improved, every art type is a
more » ... art type is a letter actually just because these products have also a sender, a receiver and typical communication language. For example, it is very much possible to tell something by using colours or patterns on a carpet to its drawee who belongs to its period or centuries later. According to a strict sense, as being written communication objects, the letters are turned into efficient tools in a novel. The letters in novels are sometimes used as the elements of a plot which are referenced when they are needed, or sometimes the complete novel itself consists of letters listed consecutively. The "Kedi Mektupları" which forms one of the sample of this study conforms the novel tehcnique of the first type, while the other sample "Mektup Aşkları" conforms the novel technique of the second type. Since having the properties of being confidential and subjective, requiring sincerely and natural expression, being written by the first singular person mouth, conveying a variety of news and secrets, and giving a pluralist point of view because more than one tellers involved in the text, letters form an appropriate ground for a novel which is a fictional and volumed type of literature. These properties of letter type told above are studied in the samples used in this study. At the beginning of the study, a brief history of letter type is emphasized, then the development of letter and letter type novel in both Turkish and world literature is explained. After giving an explanation about the properties of letter type, short findings about why especially the female writers use the letter type are stated. The study is ended with the evaluation of the novels of "Kedi Mektupları" and "Mektup Aşkları" about the letter technique.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.3496 fatcat:dn6l25sx6zhe5orx5xx5aq2pxm