Commiphora myrrha and commiphora Africana essential oils

Suad Gadir, Ibtisam Ahmed
From generation to generation in all countries all around the world medicinal plants play an important role in our live from ancient time till these days of wide drugs and pharmacological high technique industries , the studding of biological and pharmacological activities of plant essential oils attracted the attention to the potential use of these natural products from chemical and pharmacological investigation to their therapeutic aspects. In this paper two resins commiphora Africana and
more » ... ra Africana and commiphora myrrha were selected to discuss their essential oils for chemical analysis and biological aspect the results of GCMS shows that the two resins are rich in sesqiuterpenes and sesqiuterpene lactones compounds that possess anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity Antibacterial and antifungal bioassay shows antibacterial and antifungal activity higher in the myrrha oil than the Africana oil while antiviral bioassay shows higher antiviral activity in the Africana oil than myrrha oil