Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Investigation on Volute Geometry of Centrifugal Pump

2015 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Volute is an important hydraulic part of centrifugal pump, hydraulic loss within pump volute takes up a large part of total hydraulic loss within pump, and thus appropriate design of pump volute has significant meaning to centrifugal pump performance. In this project work, CFD method was adopted to investigate volute main geometric parameter in relation to pump performance. A design method of high-efficiency pump volute is developed through the influence of volute main geometric parameters to
more » ... ric parameters to pump performance. The part drawings of various parts that are used for manufacturing the centrifugal pump are designed and drawn with the help of solid works (2012). While design a pump, it is required to optimize radial gap to better efficiency and less vibration. Here in this project work, CFD based investigation is performed on different range of radial gaps of volute and impeller are evaluated to verify the performance impact. In CFD analysis the radial gap to pump performance, the highest efficiency is reached when the radial gap is 9 mm and Optimum radial gap pump is fabricated and tested. The cost estimated for the production of the prototype is obtained as Rs.15,345 which include all kind of expenses such as miscellaneous expenses, material purchase and labour cost etc. The bill of material is sorted on the Table 4.1 from the table the components used in this project and its materials and its quantity are mentioned.