Construction Management Department - Journeyman International: Case Study of an Academic - Philanthropic Partnership

Philip Barlow, Daniel Wiens
Over the years university educators and philanthropic organizations have strived to come together to achieve the goals and objectives of both. Construction management programs are often seen as a prime potential partner to assist with community construction projects which benefit non-profit organizations. At the same time, construction management educators have strived to provide their students with service-learning opportunities that are construction related, interdisciplinary, and
more » ... ry, and project-based. This paper presents and describes the origins and functionality of a new model which integrates a university construction management senior project program with an international non- profit organization to provide design, engineering, and pre-construction services to international community construction projects in third-world countries. This case study was developed through accounts provided by the authors (originators of the program) and a series of student evaluations and surveys from twenty-three construction management students who participated in the program over a four-year-time period. The results and analysis describe a highly successful program through a model which benefits both the non-profit and educational institution through interdisciplinary collaboration and service learning. This paper is beneficial to educators and non-profit organizations who are looking for new and effective ways of achieving similar goals and objectives for both institutions.
doi:10.29007/x7v6 fatcat:t6htuhyy7rdrhgnc7e7mwpmbqq