Peruvian Antiquities

E. R. Heath
1879 Scientific American  
steam is produced, but of a higher pressure than formerly . you zigzag up the mountain side 7,000 feet, then descend that in the huaca of Toledo there were two treasures, known The construction is very simple and durable, as the wear, 2,000, to arrive at Cajamarca, or Coxamalca of Pizarro's as the great and little fish. The smaller only has been and tear does not amount to anything, and repairs are hardly I time . Here and there all the way you find relics of the past. found . ever necessary.
more » ... e saving in the cost of fuel will more' In a yard off one of the main streets, and near the center of Between Huacho and Supe, the latter being one hundred than compensate for the cost of the ?ondenser. "
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01111879-2520supp fatcat:h5oo4omej5b5ddfpn6mhsjamaq