Chen Yi [book]

2011 Benezit Dictionary of Artists   unpublished
To measure the state of happiness is never a simple task to accomplish, especially its unclear concepts which include subjective and objective indicators simultaneously. From now on, many happiness-relative indexes were generated to evaluate the citizens' well-being of the countries as a practical policy tool all over the world. In Taiwan, the Better Life Index (BLI) from the OECD is applied by the government to calculate citizens' state of well-being, to solve the issues that a huge structure
more » ... t a huge structure may lead to, this research used DEMATEL-ANP (DANP) as the methodology to analyze the existing relations between the indicators and discover the crucial ones from the viewpoints of the experts. The result shows that personal earnings and education are two very important criteria to the state of happiness in Taiwan.
doi:10.1093/benz/9780199773787.article.b00036851 fatcat:swvlw2dlrfe6fhibkzs3a55pom