Use of Durian leaf infused (Durio zibethinus) as natural anesthetic for Gouramy fish (Osphronemus gouramy) in dry transportation

Hany Handajani, Dony Prasetyo, Sri Dwi Hastuti, Muhammad Fahimuridlo
2022 Acta Aquatica  
Purpose the research to know influence giving leaf durian infusedto anesthesia process gurami fish with weight 100-150 gr usepredetermined dosage by upper threshold test and lowerthreshold test. Then, use formula EC-100 (EffektivityConsentrastion) to know fainting time fish and conscious timefish. On threshold test use among others concentrate 1000ppm,2500ppm, 5000ppm and 7500ppm. That at concentration7500ppm is upper threshold because gurami fish die by soakingleaf Durian infused for 24 hours
more » ... hile at concentration 5000pmis lower threshold because gurami fish not die by soaking leafDurian infused for 48 hours. Next to search concentration rowwith use formula EC-100 and than available concentrate5400ppm, 5900ppm, 6400ppm, 6900ppm and 7400ppm. Theconcentration be used to research treatment, P1:5400ppm,P2:5900ppm, P3:6400ppm, P4:6900ppm and P5:7400ppm. TheMethod of this research is a complete random design (RAL) usefive treatments and three replications. The main parameterobserved lamely fainting time fish and conscious time fish. Theresult fainting time fish (minute) on P1: 200, 67 P2: 198,33 P3:196 P4: 193 and P5: 186,67 while results conscious time fish(minute) on P1: 22 P2: 22,67 P3: 23,33 P4: 28,33 and P5: 30,33.Next statistic test use method ANOVA and BNT test with level 5%indicate significantly different, and 1 % indicate very differentlyreal. The obtainable conclusion that research use leaf durianinfusum to anesthesia process gurami fish very differently real tofainting time and conscious time. The best treatment on P5(7400ppm) because gurami fish fast to fainting time and long afor conscious time.Keywords: Anesthesia; Durian Leaf; Gouramy; Infused; Saponin
doi:10.29103/aa.v9i1.6964 fatcat:r5fqajzjfvg6xaay2p2b3xxmku