Technical Layout of the TESLA Damping Ring

C. Sanelli, G. Barbagelata, A. Bixio, R. Boni, G. Canepa, A. Clozza, G. Di Pirro, G.P. Ghelardi, M. Grattarola, S. Guiducci, A. Lutri, S. Patrone (+4 others)
The electron - positron linear collider TESLA will require two Damping Rings, where the 2820 bunches, with an energy of 5 GeV, will be compressed to obtain a bunch spacing of 20ns. This bunch spacing fixes a Damping Ring length of 17 km. The major part of the damping ring will be installed in the linac tunnel; short return arcs, with a length of about 1.3 km each,will be installed in dedicated tunnels.This report describes the technical layout of one damping ring, developed in collaborationwith
more » ... n collaborationwith Ansaldo Ricerche, in all its components: magnetic system (dipoles, quadrupoles,sextupoles, steerers, electromagnetic wigglers), RF system (cryo-modules, RF power sources),Vacuum system (vacuum chambers, pumps, valves), Beam diagnostics, Computer control system, Electrical services, Cooling system, etc. Drawings showing the detailed ring layout and also every component of the ring are included.
doi:10.15161/ fatcat:pjypdnh6wbacre42hebmhagewa