Software engineering and their conflicts in development of software

Godfrey D. Beray, Sabah Mohammed
2013 Asia-pacific Journal of Multimedia services convergent with Art Humanities and Sociology  
In software engineering there are many different uses that will be mainly helpful in the development of suitable software that is required by the particular user in order to achieve the reliability of the user. So natively we used the technique called we use an adaptive testing strategy for testing software components. This strategy (AT_RLSEc with c indicating components) applies a recursive least squares estimation (RLSE) method to estimate parameters such as failure detection rate. It is
more » ... rent from the genetic algorithm-based adaptive testing (AT_GA) where a genetic algorithm is used for parameter estimation. By using this method we will not be getting the desired result so there will be some defects in the software. To overcome these defects we use qualitative and quantitative approaches, the points until the separately generated results are interpreted. It will show efficiency of the conflicts and risks that are presented that are occurred by using the existing approach. So t will be helping the developers to give perfect software that is required by the user.
doi:10.14257/ajmscahs.2013.06.05 fatcat:lrbd74bmjfdfji6qoibgbqfvn4