Big Missing Data: are scientific memes inherited differently from gendered authorship? [article]

Tanya Araújo, Elsa Fontainha
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This paper seeks to build upon the previous literature on gender aspects in research collaboration and knowledge diffusion. Our approach adds the meme inheritance notion to traditional citation analysis, as we investigate if scientific memes are inherited differently from gendered authorship. Since authors of scientific papers inherit knowledge from their cited authors, once authorship is gendered we are able to characterize the inheritance process with respect to the frequencies of memes and
more » ... eir propagation scores depending on the gender of the authors. By applying methodologies that enable the gender disambiguation of authors, big missing data on the gender of citing and cited authors is dealt with. Our empirically based approach allows for investigating the combined effect of meme inheritance and gendered transmission. Results show that scientific memes do not spread differently from either male or female cited authors. Likewise, the memes that we analyse were not found to propagate more easily via male or female inheritance.
arXiv:1706.05156v2 fatcat:qa3d3rkz7feg3f4nq4hirhokf4