A Self-Made Personal Explanation Aid of Learning Materials in a Museum for Naïve Developers

Ayako Ishiyama, Fusako Kusunoki, Satoru Tokuhisa, Shigenori Inagaki
Explanation of museum exhibits must give useful and adequate information to museum visitors. However, good explanation costs a lot and is hard to be maintained by museum curators. To make explanation contents easier, this paper proposes a novel personal support aid: Stamp-On Developers Toolkit (Stamp-On/DT), with which let visitors to easily develop the richer explanation contents by themselves. Stamp-On/DT consists of smart devices with explanation contents and 'stamp' devices attached to
more » ... es attached to corresponding exhibits. The unique features of Stamp-On/DT are summarized as follows: (1) the digital contents of the corresponding explanation can be created by both visitors and curators, (2) the contents are described with conventional web tools such as HTML, CSS, or Java script, and (3) users are only required to save exhibited images in the same exhibited location with the same names. To validate the effectiveness of Stamp-On/DT system, we have conducted a workshop in a museum to let visitors create digital contents and then we have evaluated their performance. Furthermore, we have conducted usability test to evaluate whether naïve users are able to their own explanation aids using Stamp-On/DT system. From both experiments, we conclude that Stamp-On/DT is an effective, easy and interesting aid in understanding museum exhibits.