Scot McKnight
2013 Scriptura  
The task of evangelism ('gospeling') is no less demanding and difficult today than it was in the time of Peter and Stephen and Paul. It is also in no less need of creative adaptations to audience. Perhaps what we need more of is the boldness (Acts 2:29; 4:13, 29, 31; 28:31) that came upon them through a fresh blowing of the Spirit. Perhaps the absence of resurrection theology in much of gospeling today is to blame for the lack of boldness. We need to recover more of the early Christian
more » ... ion gospel and we need less of the theodicy-like focus Anselm and the Reformers gave to atonement theories.
doi:10.7833/103-0-586 fatcat:huis7u76ijfj3hgnpbz5oi574i