In Situ Measurements on Vertical Mixing in the Ariake Bay in Winter

Tomonori SAITA, Shinichiro YANO, Akira TAI, Shinsuke SHIKI, Shinichi SHIGETA, Toshimitsu KOMATSU
Recently, deterioration of the aquatic environment in the Ariake Bay has been a serious social problem. It is pointed out that a change of vertical mixing caused by decrease of tidal current led to the deterioration. In this study, in order to evaluate vertical mixing in the Ariake Bay quantitatively, in situ measurements on turbulent velocity shear by using a microstructure profiler were carried out. As a result of this study, it is recognized that values of eddy viscosity coefficient Kz in
more » ... area off Oura are 10-5-10-1m2/s. On the other hand, relatively large values of Kz are observed in the area off the Shimabara Peninsula, whose value was at least 10-3m2/s. It is concluded that strong tidal current in the area off the Shimabara Peninsula can strengthen vertical mixing.
doi:10.2208/proce1989.55.421 fatcat:63ipv4opbrdqbmhlqjpvmttqzy