Thank You to Our 2020 Reviewers

Taylor Schildgen, Jonathan Aitchison, Laurent Jolivet, Margaret Rusmore
2021 Tectonics  
Peer review is an essential component of scientific publishing, ensuring that our science is well communicated, accurately documented, appropriately placed in the context of prior work, and effectively archived for future usage. The 217 papers published in Tectonics in 2020 benefited from the careful scrutiny and constructive criticism drawn from the expertise of 688 reviewers, who provided a total of 1,074 reviews. These papers have helped to elucidate the evolution, structure, and deformation
more » ... of Earth's lithosphere across a range of geologic to recent timescales. To all of the members of our community who have volunteered their time and efforts toward this collective goal, we thank you for helping Tectonics produce the high quality output that has helped us maintain a prominent position in scientific publishing for decades, and for the spirit of teamwork that makes the peer review process an asset in our community. Individuals in italics provided three or more reviews for Tectonics during the year. SCHILDGEN ET AL.
doi:10.1029/2021tc006769 fatcat:jy4v5uia4vf2hbcheumsjpgagq