Sequestering effects on and of vacuum decay

Nemanja Kaloper, Antonio Padilla, David Stefanyszyn
2016 Physical Review D  
We consider phase transitions and their contributions to vacuum energy in the manifestly local theory of vacuum energy sequestering. We demonstrate that the absence of instabilities imposes constraints on the couplings of gravitating and non-gravitating sectors, which can be satisfied in a large class of models. We further show by explicit construction that the vacuum energy contributions to the effective cosmological constant in the descendant vacua are generically strongly suppressed by the
more » ... tios of spacetime volumes of parent and descendant geometries. This means that the cosmological constant in de Sitter descendant vacua remains insensitive to phase transitions which may have occurred in the course of its cosmic history.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.94.025022 fatcat:b34bigh57bd27f2a4x2wi4a6ky