The effectiveness of an internal teat sealant in preventing new intra mammary infections in dairy cattle during dry period

Adil M. Bhat, Jasvinder S. Soodan, Rajiv Singh
2022 Veterinarski arhiv (Tisak)  
The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of an internal teat sealant infused upon drying off on the incidence of new intra-mammary infections (IMI) during the dry period in dairy cattle. Due to the non-availability of the product on the Indian market, the product was prepared in a laboratory using bismuth subnitrate and liquid paraffin. A total of 64 quarters free from infection on culture were selected for the study at 60 days before the expected date of parturition. The quarters were
more » ... ndomly divided into two groups (group A and group B), with 32 quarters in each group. The group A quarters were infused with teat sealant at the time of drying off, and the quarters in group B were kept as the control and no treatment was provided to them. Milk samples from all the selected quarters were subjected to cultural examination at the time of drying off and 1-3 days post calving. The incidence of new IMI's between drying off and calving was significantly lower for group A quarters when compared to group B quarters (12.5% vs 34.4%). The incidence of new IMI's in group A and group B quarters was significantly lower for Streptococcus uberis (3.13% vs 18.75%) and Streptococcus dysgalactiae (3.13% vs 12.5%). The study concluded that infusion of teat sealant at drying off is helpful in lowering the incidence of new IMI's during the dry period.
doi:10.24099/vet.arhiv.1124 fatcat:kqvrw7wydnfg3ge43xlaqqmfku