On the Role of Information Transfer's Speed in Technological and Biological Computations [post]

János Végh, Ádám-József Berki
2021 unpublished
Information is commonly considered as a mathematical quantity that forms the basis of computing. In mathematics, information can propagate instantly, so its transfer speed is not the subject of information science. In all kinds of implementations of computing, whether technological or biological, some material carrier for the information exists, so the information’s propagation speed cannot exceed the speed of the carrier. Because of this limitation, for any implementation, one must
more » ... er the transfer time between computing units. We need a different mathematical method to take this limitation into account: classic mathematics can only describe infinitely fast and infinitely small computing system implementations. The difference between the mathematical handling methods leads to different descriptions of the behavior of the systems. The correct handling also explains why biological implementations can have lifelong learning and technological ones cannot. The conclusion about learning evidences matches others’ experimental evidence, both in technological and biological computing.
doi:10.20944/preprints202103.0414.v1 fatcat:noehdynjqng2xmlv76ydox6n2y