Therapeutical options in sigmoid diverticulitis. When should we operate?

Tr Pătraşcu, H Doran, E Catrina, O Mihalache
Colonic diverticulosis is a benign disease whose incidence has been steadily increasing throughout the world, especially in the economically developed countries in Western Europe. This increase is connected to the population ageing process, the diverticulosis being characteristic in the elderly, and with nowadays' eating habits. Frequently, colonic diverticuli may cause complications, such as hemorrhage or diverticulitis, with pericolic abscesses or peritonitis. Consequently, efforts are being
more » ... efforts are being made to set up a therapeutic algorithm appropriate for the diverticular disease, the predominance of the conservative or surgical attitude being continuously adjusted. We have analyzed the therapeutic options, their advantages and their limitations, based on both the experience of the "Prof. I. Juvara" Surgical Department of the "Dr. I. Cantacuzino" Clinical Hospital and the latest data in medical literature.
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