Comparison of RT 23 and Local Tuberculin (PPD) Produced by Razi Institute

Arch, Ra
2000 unpublished
To Comparison between the local tuberculin produced by Razi institute and RT23, 86 people were participated. They were confirrned tuberculosis patients and apparent healthy students that randomly divided in two groups. For the first group the local tuberculin and RT23 respectively injected to right and left hand simultaneously and for the second group the reverse was done. To compare the agreement of two PPO in different tuberculosis prevalence, which has practical importance, results simulated
more » ... in populations with different tuberculosis infection rates. The agreement between tuberculins was assessed by weighted kappa coefficient. The weighted kappa coefficient, with 37% tuberculosis prevalence, was 63% (95% CI; 55-71). However, in two simulations in suspected cases of tuberculosis in a referral c1inic and apparent healthy people were 48% and 43%, respectively. Based on estimated kappa coefficients the agreement between local PPO and RT23 for c1inical and epidemiological proposes was moderate. In addition, with the reduction of the tuberculosis infection in these groups, the agreement between two tuberculins would decrease. The main recommendation is to allocate a tuberculin product in Iran for hurnan usage.