Metal Deposition Deep into Microstructure by Electroless Plating

Nobuyuki Takeyasu, Takuo Tanaka, Satoshi Kawata
2005 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
It is generally difficult to deposit metal on an occluded part of a structure or inside a long tubular structure. In this paper, we report an electroless plating method that is useful for metal deposition onto internal obscured regions of a complex structure, and we show that the technique can deposit metal over a wide area. We demonstrate gold deposition inside a capillary tube and a complex concave structure of micrometer scale consisting of polystyrene microbeads sandwiched between glass plates.
more » ... d between glass plates.
doi:10.1143/jjap.44.l1134 fatcat:hnue3qc6ifdtzhssplx42n524a