An automatic axial tension control of bolted joints by utilizing compliance value. Calibrated wrench method not based on torque coefficient
コンプライアンスに基づくねじの自動的軸力管理 トルク係数によらないトルク法について

Shinji KASEI, Hirohito MATSUOKA, Takeshi SUKOBOSHI
1990 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
This paper deals with experimental considerations on the method of axial tension control in elastic region which was proposed by the authors et al. Characteristic points of the method are summarized as follows : (1) the value of compliance in the axial direction of a bolted joint is utilized to be the basic parameter instead of the torque coefficient, (2) the control is performed by basing on a final fastening torque predicted in a fastening process. A fastening apparatus constructed consists
more » ... a DC servo-motor and a single board micro-computer, having functions of sensing the fastening torque and the axial tension and cotrolling the ends of fastening. From the experimental results on accuracy and response in the method, it comes out that the method brings higher accuracy in the axial tension control than the calibrated wrench method widely known and used at present. In addition, it is suggested that the method becomes available by performing a preliminary test to gain an exact value of the compliance.
doi:10.2493/jjspe.56.1329 fatcat:zaf5pjr4o5ctfonrujyn4rpsta