Cardiac PET/MRI—an update

C. Rischpler, S. G. Nekolla, G. Heusch, L. Umutlu, T. Rassaf, P. Heusch, K. Herrmann, F. Nensa
2019 European Journal of Hybrid Imaging  
It is now about 8 years since the first whole-body integrated PET/MRI has been installed. First, reports on technical characteristics and system performance were published. Early after, reports on the first use of PET/MRI in oncological patients were released. Interestingly, the first article on the application in cardiology was a review article, which was published before the first original article was put out. Since then, researchers have gained a lot experience with the PET/MRI in various
more » ... diovascular diseases and an increasing number on auspicious indications is appearing. In this review article, we give an overview on technical updates within these last years with potential impact on cardiac imaging and summarize those scenarios where PET/MRI plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular medicine.
doi:10.1186/s41824-018-0050-2 pmid:34191143 fatcat:jmhlxmiekndmlnd4snx2e7kjfa